The subjects of Lauren’s films range from The Secret World of Stockcar Racing to what women carry in their handbags. In The Bag aired on PBS and Oxygen Network, receiving popular accolades and worldwide distribution. “It’s like eating a bowl of potato chips” as one buyer commented, I can’t stop”.

The Last Run, a documentary short, takes the viewer on a final route ride as Los Angeles’ last milkman says good-bye to his customers. LA Times film critic, Kevin Thomas, describes the film as “irresistible…The Last Run makes the milkman a legend”. Variety critic Tony Scott raved, “This documentary rates high.”

Lauren has an innate talent for helping her subjects, actors and non-pros alike, share the intimate moments which create compelling stories. With intelligence, humor and ease, Lauren creates a space of creativity and warmth, suffusing her subjects with confidence and inspiration. They know she’ll make them come off great.

In addition to her expertise with the sit-down interview and short-form packaging, Lauren is a veteran of the commercial world, honing her directorial and production skills with work on over 1000 TV spots. She was educated at New York University, at the Tisch School of the Arts.

It's my husbands.
He let's me hold it whenever I want.


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As as actress I want to make sure I look good and feel good on camera. Lauren made me feel safe and comfortable so the rest just flowed. It was fun doing the interview with her... I wish they were all so easy.

Roma Maffia

I've known Lauren for many years both professionally and as a friend. She's who I call when I need an interview done just right. She can frame a question in just the right way in order to tell the story and has this incredible ear for great quotes. I love working with her.

Lauren Lexton
CEO Authentic Entertainment

I produced a feature length documentary with Lauren who also directed and edited it as well and I have to say it was one of the best professional experiences of my career. Now as the Film commissioner of the state of California whenever I get a call from a producer looking for a director to shoot an interview or promo Lauren's name is the first that comes to mind. She makes her talent look great, has an innate sense of story and a real knack for getting great quotes. Editors love her footage because they can easily lift out the gems, clean and simple.

Amy Lemisch
Director / California Film Commission

It was tricky getting what we needed from our interviews with Drew Barrymore and Sherrie Lansing for the Hollywood Reporter film. It really required a director/interviewer with a level of understanding and expertise to make all the pieces of the shoot come together not the least of which was making these big names feel comfortable enough to give us what we needed. We had only one shot at it and decided to go with Lauren for the job. She worked with our producer to make both shoots go off with out a hitch, making sure our talent not only looked great but also got the bites we needed... I can't wait to work with her again.

Tania Sethi
Executive Producer / Icontent, Inc.



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